ZTE 5.5″ Blade V8 Pro Factory Unlocked Phone – Black Diamond

I have would buy this from Amazon,but they did not have stock so I was forced to purchase elsewhere. The phone itself is amazing,especially at this price point.Build quality is great and the phone feels extremely solid.Battery life is insane,I have been getting 8-10 screen on time.Usage will obviously very depending on use.I do not play games much on my phone,mostly browser,texting,emails,calls. I do get in an hour so of clash role every day. The screen is beautiful and not washed out,and color look great. The phone has NFC so you can use android play,but you cannot use fingerprint scanner to approve payments,you must use pin. This is bit of annoying,and it look a few failed payments to figure it out.I am hopping this will change with next software update.This phone stomps anything I’ve ever owned,many iphones and much more expensive android.Its’s crazy how good the screen is. The camera is probably not the best on a phone but it is very close .Phone runs extremely fast and smooth.I highly recommend buying this phone,and I would not heritable to purchase another if needed.

ZTE 5.5" Blade V8 Pro Factory Unlocked Phone - Black Diamond


ZTE 5.5






      Ram Quality







            • Insane battery life
            • Looks attractive
            • Performance is very good


            • Camera is little disappointing

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