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If Game Of Thrones Characters Worked In An Advertising Agency These Are The Jobs They Would Have-

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Which Jungle Book Song Are You?

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The Last Words Of Twelve Infamous Criminals Will Shock You [Flip Cards]

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How Many of These Spices Can You Name Correctly?

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Who am I ?

I am Kevin Modany, a 86 born British. Working on a shop from my early age and now felt to do something on the internet. Because I am very passionate about the Internet.

What I do ?

Traveller, Writer, Speaker, Anchor, Reviewer, Blogger, in Part-time, A billing manager in shop full time.

What You Should Expect?

You should expect decent, genuine and fair writeups from me. In Kevin Modany dot com we will enjoy interesting quizzes, news about new inventions and products launch and some of the travel experience.