Win More Online Jobs with Google Partner Programs.

If you are a member of Google Partners program, you have the opportunity to become a certified Google AdWords expert. Being certified expert shows your ability to the world, what you have what it takes and that Google recognizes your skills. Plus you’ll get chances to get more online jobs.

Google is a key online advertising platform today. Every business like to top on  Google search results. Google AdWords give that chance to advertise on top. If you are an expert but getting less AdWords job online. This certification can change the lack of clients you have. Here is what you will get if you are a certified professional.

  1. Win More Jobs: –  Get a certificate from Google, also they will add you to their partner network which will lead you to win more online marketing jobs.
  2. Receive a personalized wall certificate: –  When you pass your certification. Google will send you a personalized certificate, whom you can hang in your office, can show on companies while interviewing or to personal clients.
  3. Add value to your CV: – You can list up this certification on your online profiles and cv’s as well as can list it up on your hard copy of CV. It will surely add values to your CV and will increase your chance to win a job.

Now the main point, how can I get and pass this certification: – To earn your certificate, you’ll need to pass Googles Fundamentals exam and one of the five AdWords advertising exams. It’s completely free—and they’ll give you all the resources you need to pass with flying colours. Know more from Google Partner programs official page  .


  • Andrew

    Yes, You are right Kevin, I am a certified AdWords professional and there are many peoples who seek for only certified peoples. Certification is easy as 1 2 3. You need to do a full day study on the materials they provide. Go for the Fundamental test, you need to answer 100 multiple choice questions in 2 hours. Passing score is 80%. Which you can archive easily. If you know AdWords already. In my first Attempt, I got 78%, Bit less than the requirements. I have gone for it again after 7 days. Google take 7 days time to reactivate test again for you. This time I made it with 92% only 8 questions were answered wrong. This thing made my confidence and I have taken two more test of them. Now I have 25plus new AdWords client

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