CopyCat Virus and how to avoid it.

A new adware known as CopyCat has infected 14 million Android devices around the world. CopyCat is a hacking tool.Those even though they are not by nature viruses are considered as dangerous to victim of attacks.

Zyogote android is a daemon responsible for launching app in the android operating system ,that allow the malware to control any activity on the device. The copycat virus is another virus made MY MANZ. This was the frist virus ever made which called copycat.This virus takes the cmd application and spams  it over and over agian.The only way to get rid of this virus is just simply restart your computer. 

Prevention for CopyCat virus:

Pup-ups Blocker: Pops-ups Blocker is used to block all the add that runs on your screen.Pop-ups and ads in the websites are most adoptable tactic used by cyber criminals or developers.So avoid clicking on uncertain site, software offers and pop-ups etc.

The adware was capable of doing all these things because it include five exploits that allowed it and root Android devices and then tap into Zygote,the name of Android’s core OS processes, a mechanism that controls app  launching operations.

The majority of infected phones were located in south Asia. Curiously , the copycat malware was specifically configured to avoid infecting Chinese users.

Researchers said apps infected with the Copycat never made their way onto the play store,but Google’s security team intervened and quelled the campaign .CopyCat’s activity reached its peak in April and may 2016, but infection numbers have gone down in the meantime. In the case of CopyCat, its authors used it to replace referrer IDs on any app the user installed on his phone or to insert ads in the process of legitimate apps.

Regular Update: You should always keep your system updated through automatic update to such infections. According to servery ,old version of OS is to target and can be easily hacked.By doing this new security drivers are installed and  become more difficult to target.

Avoid third party installation: If third party software install them on to your computer. This form of grayware or malware may affect your privacy,as well as potentially compromise your windows computer security.

Backup: Regular backup keeps the data or files safe.You can take backup on drive or external hardisk. The purpose of taking a backup is to make absolutely certain you a backup copy of all of the other files on that machine.

Install Anti-Virus :Precaution is better than cure. It is a program or set of programs that are designed to prevent, search or remove software virus.There are so many good Anti-virus available in the market.

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