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The solar system’s earliest asteroids may have all been massive

The solar system’s first asteroids were probably born big. Rather then slowly amassing bulk over time,the original members of the asteroid belt rapidly formed into rocks hundreds of miles across,researches propose.This finding reported online august 3 in science, may help resolve a long-standing debate over the origins of planetesimals- the giant space rocks that populated

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CopyCat Virus and how to avoid it.

A new adware known as CopyCat has infected 14 million Android devices around the world. CopyCat is a hacking tool.Those even though they are not by nature viruses are considered as dangerous to victim of attacks. Zyogote android is a daemon responsible for launching app in the android operating system ,that allow the malware to

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WhatsApp Not working ? Try This

After the New Updated of WhatsApp application one of the top mobile applications in the world. It’s older versions are facing some errors Like you will be able to receive messages but will not be able to send or either opposite of it. Some phones of Samsung, Panasonic and Lenovo also facing slow downloading speed

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Who am I ?

I am Kevin Modany, a 86 born British. Working on a shop from my early age and now felt to do something on the internet. Because I am very passionate about the Internet.

What I do ?

Traveller, Writer, Speaker, Anchor, Reviewer, Blogger, in Part-time, A billing manager in shop full time.

What You Should Expect?

You should expect decent, genuine and fair writeups from me. In Kevin Modany dot com we will enjoy interesting quizzes, news about new inventions and products launch and some of the travel experience.