Acer Spin 5, 13.3″ Full HD Touch, 7th Gen Intel Core i5, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, Windows 10, Convertible, SP513-51-53FC Review

Lucy given a quite honest review of the product on Amazon, here is what, she wrote”It’s a fantastic device! No other device at the $500 or less range can beat it. I was scouring all 2-in-1 devices starting at $150 and going up until I reached one that wasn’t horrible, and this one not only wins, but turned out to be nearly perfect. The keyboard is much nicer to type on than any other 2-in-1 I’ve sampled. It is bigger than it looks in the ad, a little bulky if you intend to use it like a tablet, but still very light and slim. The keyboard is immediately responsive (unlike those that are detachable or otherwise take a few seconds for the keyboard to wake up after inactivity). No touchscreen issues like with ASUS devices and their faulty drivers. It boots quickly and has great performance for the price. So far this is my top recommendation for 2-in-1 laplets.

It gets docked 1 star for the following:
* Power connector is super loose and falls out at the slightest touch.
* It doesn’t detach like many other 2-in-1s, which means you can’t place the screen in a typical tablet mount (e.g. on exercise equipment, in your car, etc.).
* Since it doesn’t detach, its tablet mode is with the screen folded all the way back, such that the keyboard keys are face-down. The keyboard intelligently deactivates when in tablet position, but it feels very uncomfortable to place a keyboard face-down on anything, especially since there are no grips to stop it from sliding over something that could damage them.

It gets docked 1 more star for the CRAPWARE! It comes with automatically-installing bloatware. Without a firmware update, the only way to get rid of it is to manually uninstall it all, but there’s so much! Games, shopping apps, acer junkware, social media apps, etc. It took forever to get rid of it all and just get down to the bare minimum OS and drivers before installing the small handful of apps I actually bought the device to use (primarily MS Office and OneDrive).

If it wasn’t for the crapware, I’d probably give this device 5-stars, but that timewasting BS really grinds my gears.

UPDATE: I’m sending it back RMA for the power port and also asking them to remove the automatic bloatware. I will adjust this review accordingly when it comes back.

UPDATE: Received it back and the power port issue is resolved. It now snaps in like it’s supposed to. They did ignore my request to remove the junkware though. Increased rating to 4-stars. Would be 5 without the junkware.”

Acer Spin 5, 13.3


Acer Spin 5, 13.3






      Ram Quality







            • 360 Flip Convertible
            • 8GB RAM, quite enough for a person who don't have to run too many heavy software's.
            • i5 Processor make machine quick responsive.
            • Wide display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
            • Touch on screen work good


            • After a time Fan sounds bit noisy
            • Graphic Card should be better although acceptable.

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